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AC Maintenance: When To Change Your Air Filter

Like most people, you’ve probably noticed a blinking message or alert on your thermostat instructing you to change your air filter. Typically, you should change your air filters every three months. However, that timeline is fluid. You may need to change your air filter more often or less based on several factors.

The Factors That Affect an Air Filter

Owning one or more indoor pets, the climate you live in, the age and efficiency of your HVAC system, and different environmental factors in and outside your home all contribute to how often you should change your air filter.

Environmental pollutants, pollen, mold, the age of your home, and renovation work or construction in, outside, or nearby your home also affect the lifespan of your air filter. If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you may need to change your air filter more frequently to protect your health.

How an AC Technician Can Help

Regular system maintenance appointments can take the guesswork out of when you should change your air filter based on your health concerns, whether you own pets, and the environment in and surrounding your home. A technician can give you accurate advice about how often to change your filter after reviewing and analyzing your system and asking questions about your lifestyle and home.

AC Repair and Air Filters

Neglecting your air filters and never changing them will negatively impact your system’s operation and function. Plus, you will suffer from poor air quality in your home since your air filter can no longer filter dust, debris, and particles out of the air. A clogged air filter also causes the system to overwork and ultimately may lead to system failure, requiring that you replace or repair the system. If your energy bills are increasing for no apparent reason, your air filter may be to blame.

That clogged, dirty filter may be forcing your system to work harder than it should, and that extra work is showing up on your energy bills. However, the solution to all these issues is simple, and it begins with regular HVAC system maintenance, which includes evaluating and replacing air filters. To avoid significant repair costs, you must schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure that your filter is clean and performing its job.

If you don’t want to change your air filter on your own or aren’t sure where to begin, our experts can handle it for you. Whether you need maintenance or service, we will ensure that your system runs smoothly so you can maintain a comfortable home, regardless of the forecast. Contact us today at Mansfield Sales & Service to learn more about the services we offer.

Why Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air and How to Fix It

You crank up your home air conditioner on a warm day only to learn that it’s blowing out hot air. The AC not working the way it should is always frustrating. Why is this happening and what can be done to fix it?

Why Your A/C is Blowing Out Warm Air

Below are some of the most common reasons why an air conditioner might be blowing out warm air.

1. The unit is set to “heat”

It sounds plainly obvious, but it’s easy for it to happen and even easier to overlook. Particularly in the spring and fall when temperatures can fluctuate sharply, you might have the heat on for a chilly night but switch on the cooling setting during the day. So if your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, the first thing to check is the settings.

2. You have a refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is what absorbs the heat and humidity from the air and plays a key role in the conditioning of your air. If the refrigerant has begun to leak, there may not be an adequate amount left to keep your home cool.

Uncontained refrigerant is a health and saferty hazard and a leak should only be addressed by a licensed technician.

3. Your air filters are clogged

A dirty or clogged air filter can prevent treated air from passing through and into the home. This backlog of cold air can lead your evaporator coils to freeze up, which in turn releases only warm air back into your home.

Changing your air filters is quick, easy and recommended at least every 90 days.

4. Your condenser coils are dirty

Condensor coils remove heat from the air and channel it outside the home. But a buildup of dirt and debris can interrupt the transfer of heat and route it back into your home.

The condenser coils are located on your outside unit and should be cleaned regularly .

5. There’s a problem with your fan

If your indoor or outdoor fan is not working properly, it will facilitate poor airflow and the air coming out of your ducts will feel warmer than expected. Common fan problems include faulty motors, worn belts, lack of lubrication or a buildup of dirt and debris.

Let the Professionals Help

No need to search for “AC repair near me.” You have all the help you need right here. We’ve been providing home HVAC repair services to Oak Island and surrounding communities for over 25 years and our team of experts is ready to assist you too. We even offer after-hours emergency service.

Schedule your appointment today to get out of the heat.

Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

As the temperatures rise in the summer you will undoubtedly enjoy getting outside and having fun. When you come home, however, those high temperatures can really make things uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep yourself and your family feeling nice and comfortable all summer long.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

When the sun is out, it can really heat up your home fast. As it streams through your windows, the heat gets trapped inside. The best way to keep that heat out of your home is to close the curtains. This will stop the sunlight from coming in and heating up your home. This simple step can help to keep the temperature in your home much lower than it otherwise would be.

Try Grilling Out

Cooking food in your home means using the stove or oven, both of which create a lot of heat. This can raise the temperature in your kitchen (and your whole house) quite a bit. If you are trying to keep cool inside, you will want to do your cooking outside. Lighting up the grill is a fun way to cook and will keep the heat out of your house.

Use Cool Water to Stay Cool

If you are feeling hot in your home, consider taking a cool shower or bath. If you don’t want to do that, simply wet a washcloth with cold water and apply it to the back of your neck. These options will help to pull the heat out of your body and into the water quickly and easily. In many cases, this can leave you feeling cool and comfortable. Cold showers or baths have even been shown to have a variety of other benefits beyond just feeling cool, so give this option a try today.

AC Repair from Mansfield Sales & Service

If the temperatures are hot outside, there is really nothing better than stepping into a cool home that is kept comfortable with air conditioning. In order to ensure your home can stay comfortable even on the hottest days, you need to make sure your central air conditioning is operating properly. Getting your AC unit tuned up each year will help to keep it running smoothly long into the future. We offer professional AC repair in Southport, Saint James, Oak Island, and the surrounding area. Contact us at (910) 278-9669 to schedule an appointment today.

What are the Most Common AC Malfunctions?

When summer weather sets in, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons that can cause your AC to stop working effectively. The good news is that preventative maintenance can help minimize the risk of an AC malfunction.

Common Causes of AC Malfunctioning

●   The AC is running constantly. During hot weather, your AC will run pretty frequently. If it’s running all the time, however, there may be something wrong with the thermostat, the air filters, or the electrical parts. You’ll want to get this fixed to keep your utility bills in check.

●   The AC won’t turn on. Nothing’s more frustrating than finding that your AC won’t turn on, especially on a hot day. This could be a wiring issue, a thermostat issue, or simply a tripped circuit breaker

●   You’re not getting any cool air. What would cause your AC to run, but not to generate any cool air? Low refrigerant levels can definitely affect the AC’s cooling power. You may also have a cooling belt that has become worn down and needs to be replaced.

●   Your AC is producing hot air. Hot air is the last thing you need during the dog days of summer! This issue may result from a dirty air filter, from a duct obstruction, or simply from debris that has gotten lodged in your compressor.

These are just a few of the most common issues that may prompt a call to our team.  

Get Support for Your Air Conditioning in Southport, NC

At Mansfield Sales & Service, we are happy to provide a full spectrum of AC maintenance and repair solutions to homeowners in Southport, NC. If you experience any of these common malfunctions, we welcome you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Make Sure Your AC is Ready for Summer

It may seem like summer’s a long way off, but actually, warm weather will be here before you know it. And when it arrives, the last thing you’ll want is trouble from your AC unit. The time to prepare your AC, ensuring it’s all set for the summer season, is now.

How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Here are a few steps homeowners can take to get their AC ready for summer.

●   Change your filters. The easiest way to promote AC performance is by changing your AC filters every month or so. This takes just a minute and doesn’t require any special knowledge; just make sure you pick the correct size!

●   Ensure your pipes are clear. Your AC should have a condensation discharge line that eliminates moisture from both your home and the unit. Check to see if there are any evident clogs where the pipe drains. If you notice any, it’s time to contact an air conditioning repair service.

●   Check the slab. Your air conditioner needs to be level and secure on a concrete slab. Check that slab to make sure it’s not tilted or off-balance. If it is, you’ll want to try to correct it with the use of a wooden board.

●   Clear the area. The last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to be clogged with leaves or other lawn-and-garden debris. Make sure you trim back any bushes or branches in the area. Also, when doing yard work, make sure you avoid getting grass clippings in the AC.

●   Schedule air conditioning maintenance. Finally, consider making an appointment for preventative maintenance and inspection, verifying that your AC is functioning at an optimal level. To service an AC in Oak Island, contact Mansfield Sales & Service at your convenience.

Get Air Conditioning Repair Services in Oak Island, NC

Don’t let summer find you without a well-maintained air conditioning unit. To schedule a service call with our team, we invite you to reach out to Mansfield Sales & Service. We’re pleased to be a leading air conditioning repair company serving the Oak Island, NC community.

5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to ensure that your home is properly winterized, not just for your own comfort, but also for your safety. Home winterization is a necessary task for any homeowner, but it’s not something that can be done properly in just a few minutes. You need to take the right steps to help get your home ready. Here are five tips for winterizing your home this season.

Protect Your Plumbing

During the colder months, your pipes can start to freeze. This can cause several major problems, including pipe bursts, which will ultimately lead to costly repairs. Make sure that you’re keeping your pipes protected by sealing cracks, insulating your home, and installing weatherstripping to minimize drafts.

Check Your Chimney and Fireplace

If you don’t use your fireplace regularly throughout the year, you may be in for some surprises when you light it in the winter. You’ll want to have your chimney and flue inspected for bird nests, debris, and critters before you start up your fireplace.

Clean Your Gutters

It’s easy for debris to accumulate in your gutters year-round, but in the winter, this gunk can become frozen. Not only can this cause excess weight on your gutters and lead to them falling apart, but it can also prevent melted snow and ice from properly draining. Keep your gutters nice and clean throughout the year, especially during the winter.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

A furnace can do a great job at heating your home, but only if it’s being maintained. Check your furnace filter at least once every three months, and discard old, dirty filters with trapped lint and debris. This can lead to your furnace consuming extra energy, and it can potentially be a fire hazard.

Cover Your Cracks

There are numerous spots around your home that can allow drafts inside. Check window seals and door thresholds to see if they’re the biggest culprits. You can use caulk or weatherstripping to reduce the amount of cold air that gets into your home.

High Quality HVAC Installation and Repair in Southport

Need help winterizing your home this winter? Mansfield Sales & Service is proud to deliver unparalleled HVAC installation in Southport. Our HVAC repair in Southport is also second to none, and we’re happy to help you with your heating needs. Give us a call today!

Easy Heater Fixes for Your Home

When the temperatures outside start to drop, it’s nice to know that your home will remain warm and comfortable thanks to your HVAC system. If, however, your heater stops working, you’ll need to get it back up and operational as quickly as possible. Fortunately, many HVAC problems can be fixed quickly and easily without even needing to call a professional. If your heat has gone out, try the following simple heater repair options to see if they will work for you.

Check the Thermostat

While this may be obvious, the last thing you want to do is pay for a service call for something as simple as an improperly set thermostat or a thermostat with dead batteries. Take a look to make sure your temperature is set properly and that it is working correctly.

Check Your Circuit Breakers

Your HVAC system needs to have electricity to turn on and run. If you have a tripped circuit breaker in your home, your heat will not work. Circuit breakers can trip due to a power surge to the home, or due to an issue with the HVAC system (or other components on the same circuit). If you find your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, you will want to have them inspected as soon as possible to ensure you don’t have a bigger problem.

Check Your Air Filter

If you haven’t changed your HVAC’s filtering system in a while, that may be the problem. Your HVAC needs to be able to pull air through that filter in order to heat the house. Modern HVACs have sensors to detect when airflow is limited in order to avoid damage or prevent a fire hazard from occurring. Whether this is the cause of the problem or not, you should always change your filter on a regular basis.

Check Your HVAC Status Light

Almost all modern HVAC systems are able to detect a variety of different problems and shut down if they exist. When this happens, a status light that is typically located on the main circuit board will start flashing. You can look up what the problem is in your HVAC system’s owner’s manual by counting how many times the light flashes. The owner’s manual will often tell you if it is something you can easily fix on your own, or if you need to call a professional.

We are Here for You

If you can’t get your heater up and working using these simple tips, it’s likely that you’ll end up searching for “best HVAC repair near me”. Fortunately, Mansfield Sales & Service is here to help. Our team of experienced HVAC professionals provide service throughout Southport, NC and the surrounding area, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (910) 278-9669.

How to Save Money Heating Your Home This Winter

With winter on its way, it’s critical that you ensure your home’s HVAC system is ready to keep your home adequately warm whenever you need it to. Inadequate heating and air conditioning in your home isn’t just uncomfortable—for your young, elderly, or immunocompromised housemates, temperature extremes in the home can lead to or aggravate existing health conditions. Homeowners will want to take the necessary steps to ensure their homes are ready for the cold weather as the temperature outside continues to drop.

Thankfully, we here at Mansfield Sales & Service have you covered. Here are some quick, cost-effective tips for keeping your house warm this winter:

5 Cost-Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

1.    Take advantage of natural sunlight by opening your windows and blinds whenever the sun is out. Even in cold weather, natural sunlight can help warm your home just by shining through a window. Don’t keep yourself and your family in the dark—open a window or two and let the light in.

2.    If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, it’s a good idea to block up the chimney to prevent drafts from coming in. Having a perpetual cool breeze blowing out of your fireplace is no way to keep warm in the winter months.

3.    Put down rugs on bare floorboards, which are notorious for allowing cold air to enter a home. Bare floorboards don’t just feel chilly when you walk on them barefooted—they’re completely capable of letting just that little bit of extra cool air into your home.

4.    Maximize your radiators’ efficiency by adding a radiator reflector, which goes between the unit and the wall and prevents warm air from seeping through the wall.

5.    If you live in the greater Oak Island region of North Carolina, schedule an HVAC maintenance checkup with Mansfield Sales & Service so our experts can make sure your home heating always runs as efficiently as possible.

Find Out More About Mansfield Sales & Service Today

We at Mansfield Sales & Service are dedicated to providing quality HVAC products and services to all our customers on Oak Island and beyond. Contact us at any time to learn more about how we can help you

Get Ready for Winter with an HVAC Checkup

The approaching winter may require some preparations at your home to keep you warm throughout the season. Installing weather stripping and stocking up on firewood are a couple of things homeowners might do as the temperatures begin to dip. 

However, one thing everyone should do is have their HVAC system checked and tuned by a certified professional. 

Around three million HVAC systems are replaced in America every year, often as a result of neglected preventative maintenance, which depleted the system’s lifespan. Preventative maintenance is key to long-lasting performance for your HVAC system, minimizing costs and keeping you and your loved ones warm all winter long. 

What a Winter HVAC Checkup Includes

Mansfield Sales & Service is the premier provider of HVAC repair in Southport, NC and its surrounding communities. Our fall service checkup includes inspecting and fine-tuning the following critical components of your HVAC system. 


The compressor moves refrigerant between the evaporator and condensor coils, which changes the refrigerant from gas to liquid as needed. 

Condensor motor 

The condensor is the outdoor portion of the HVAC system that’s responsible for condensing refrigerant vapor.

Blower motor 

The blower pushes the heated air through the dashboard vents in your floors, ceilings, and walls and into the rooms of your house. 


The evaporator works opposite of the compressor, converting liquid refrigerant to a low-pressure gas.

Drain pan

The drain pan catches the water that is removed from the air and disposes of it outside the home. 


Freon helps the evaporator absorb heat and prevent moisture on the coils from freezing over. 

Each component of your HVAC unit plays an important role in the overall performance of the system. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect and test each one to make sure it’s working as it should and clean and repair these components as necessary to keep your home cozy and warm all winter long. 

Why Choose Mansfield Sales & Service for Your Checkup

We are a family-owned business that’s been serving the heating and air conditioning needs of the Southport and Oak Island areas for over 25 years. We offer a variety of product specials, generous financing, and emergency service outside of normal business hours. 

Our seasonal service contract puts our expert technicians at your home every spring and fall for a seasonal inspection and checkup that can be critical to identifying small issues before they turn into bigger and more expensive problems. 
Preventative maintenance is crucial to helping your HVAC perform like it should all winter long. Call Mansfield Sales & Service to learn more or to schedule your appointment today.

Three Common Myths of HVAC Maintenance

Every homeowner needs to be armed with basic knowledge about how to take care of their HVAC system. Unfortunately, bad information about HVAC maintenance circulates as much as the air itself. 

Below are three common myths about HVAC care and the truth behind them. 

Myth #1: You only need to change your air filter once a year.

The truth: The air filters in your home HVAC unit should be changed about once every 90 days, or roughly four times per year. 

Clean air filters boost the performance and efficiency of your HVAC, extend the lifespan of the system, reduce your energy bills, and cut down on maintenance and repair costs. 

Myth #2: You should cover up outdoor units during the winter.

The truth: Covering up a unit seals in moisture and can speed up corrosion and mold damage. A covered unit can also encourage rodents to use the space as a home for winter, and animals are known to chew wires and damage systems with feces and nests. 

In reality, outdoor units are built to withstand harsh conditions so there is no need to cover the system. 

Myth #3: A larger system is sturdier and therefore less likely to need maintenance.

The truth: Bigger is not always better when it comes to HVAC units, and a system that is too big for the space can often require increased maintenance. 

A unit that is larger than needed will run for a shorter duration, which means the water does not have ample time to condense on the coil and is instead carried back into the room. This leaves the room more humid and can result in higher energy bills and a shortened lifespan for the system.   

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup

One of the last and most common myths about HVAC systems is that you only need to have them serviced when they are not working properly. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are key to identifying small problems before they turn into larger and more expensive ones. Our maintenance and repair services include spring and fall service check-ups with multi-point inspections to clean critical parts, top off fluid levels, and test the overall efficiency of your unit to make sure it’s working as expected. 
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your preventive HVAC repair in Southport with Mansfield Sales & Service. Remember, with proper maintenance, uncomfortable temperatures are just a myth.