Three Common Myths of HVAC Maintenance

Every homeowner needs to be armed with basic knowledge about how to take care of their HVAC system. Unfortunately, bad information about HVAC maintenance circulates as much as the air itself. 

Below are three common myths about HVAC care and the truth behind them. 

Myth #1: You only need to change your air filter once a year.

The truth: The air filters in your home HVAC unit should be changed about once every 90 days, or roughly four times per year. 

Clean air filters boost the performance and efficiency of your HVAC, extend the lifespan of the system, reduce your energy bills, and cut down on maintenance and repair costs. 

Myth #2: You should cover up outdoor units during the winter.

The truth: Covering up a unit seals in moisture and can speed up corrosion and mold damage. A covered unit can also encourage rodents to use the space as a home for winter, and animals are known to chew wires and damage systems with feces and nests. 

In reality, outdoor units are built to withstand harsh conditions so there is no need to cover the system. 

Myth #3: A larger system is sturdier and therefore less likely to need maintenance.

The truth: Bigger is not always better when it comes to HVAC units, and a system that is too big for the space can often require increased maintenance. 

A unit that is larger than needed will run for a shorter duration, which means the water does not have ample time to condense on the coil and is instead carried back into the room. This leaves the room more humid and can result in higher energy bills and a shortened lifespan for the system.   

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup

One of the last and most common myths about HVAC systems is that you only need to have them serviced when they are not working properly. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are key to identifying small problems before they turn into larger and more expensive ones. Our maintenance and repair services include spring and fall service check-ups with multi-point inspections to clean critical parts, top off fluid levels, and test the overall efficiency of your unit to make sure it’s working as expected. 
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your preventive HVAC repair in Southport with Mansfield Sales & Service. Remember, with proper maintenance, uncomfortable temperatures are just a myth.