Make Sure Your AC is Ready for Summer

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It may seem like summer’s a long way off, but actually, warm weather will be here before you know it. And when it arrives, the last thing you’ll want is trouble from your AC unit. The time to prepare your AC, ensuring it’s all set for the summer season, is now.

How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Here are a few steps homeowners can take to get their AC ready for summer.

●   Change your filters. The easiest way to promote AC performance is by changing your AC filters every month or so. This takes just a minute and doesn’t require any special knowledge; just make sure you pick the correct size!

●   Ensure your pipes are clear. Your AC should have a condensation discharge line that eliminates moisture from both your home and the unit. Check to see if there are any evident clogs where the pipe drains. If you notice any, it’s time to contact an air conditioning repair service.

●   Check the slab. Your air conditioner needs to be level and secure on a concrete slab. Check that slab to make sure it’s not tilted or off-balance. If it is, you’ll want to try to correct it with the use of a wooden board.

●   Clear the area. The last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to be clogged with leaves or other lawn-and-garden debris. Make sure you trim back any bushes or branches in the area. Also, when doing yard work, make sure you avoid getting grass clippings in the AC.

●   Schedule air conditioning maintenance. Finally, consider making an appointment for preventative maintenance and inspection, verifying that your AC is functioning at an optimal level. To service an AC in Oak Island, contact Mansfield Sales & Service at your convenience.

Get Air Conditioning Repair Services in Oak Island, NC

Don’t let summer find you without a well-maintained air conditioning unit. To schedule a service call with our team, we invite you to reach out to Mansfield Sales & Service. We’re pleased to be a leading air conditioning repair company serving the Oak Island, NC community.