How to Save Money Heating Your Home This Winter

With winter on its way, it’s critical that you ensure your home’s HVAC system is ready to keep your home adequately warm whenever you need it to. Inadequate heating and air conditioning in your home isn’t just uncomfortable—for your young, elderly, or immunocompromised housemates, temperature extremes in the home can lead to or aggravate existing health conditions. Homeowners will want to take the necessary steps to ensure their homes are ready for the cold weather as the temperature outside continues to drop.

Thankfully, we here at Mansfield Sales & Service have you covered. Here are some quick, cost-effective tips for keeping your house warm this winter:

5 Cost-Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

1.    Take advantage of natural sunlight by opening your windows and blinds whenever the sun is out. Even in cold weather, natural sunlight can help warm your home just by shining through a window. Don’t keep yourself and your family in the dark—open a window or two and let the light in.

2.    If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, it’s a good idea to block up the chimney to prevent drafts from coming in. Having a perpetual cool breeze blowing out of your fireplace is no way to keep warm in the winter months.

3.    Put down rugs on bare floorboards, which are notorious for allowing cold air to enter a home. Bare floorboards don’t just feel chilly when you walk on them barefooted—they’re completely capable of letting just that little bit of extra cool air into your home.

4.    Maximize your radiators’ efficiency by adding a radiator reflector, which goes between the unit and the wall and prevents warm air from seeping through the wall.

5.    If you live in the greater Oak Island region of North Carolina, schedule an HVAC maintenance checkup with Mansfield Sales & Service so our experts can make sure your home heating always runs as efficiently as possible.

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