HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is important for a variety of reasons. A well-maintained HVAC system will work more efficiently, which means lower utility bills and higher quality air for your home. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of your unit and help you avoid costly repairs or early replacement.

It’s wise to have maintenance performed on your HVAC system twice a year during transitional seasons. In the spring, the unit is recuperating after the cold weather and must prepare for the extreme heat of summer. And in the fall, the system has just fought off the summer heat and must be prepped for winter. Routine HVAC maintenance includes checking and cleaning things like:

  • Condenser, compressor, and blower motor amps
  • Freon and gas pressure levels
  • Drain pan pressure
  • Heat exchanger
  • Gas burners
  • Low voltage parts
  • Heat strip components
  • Outdoor condenser oil
  • Evaporator

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance in Southport, NC

Call on our team of expert technicians to service your residential or commercial HVAC system. We can perform maintenance, repairs, and installations of nearly all types and brands of HVAC units and even have an after-hours line for emergency situations. At Mansfield Sales & Service, your comfort is our priority.

Learn more about our Seasonal Service Checks:

Spring Service Check

  • Check Compressor Amperage
  • Check Condensor Motor Amps
  • Check Blower Motor Amps
  • Check heat strip components
  • Clean outdoor condeser oil
  • Check low voltage parts
  • Clean gas burners
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Freon Pressure

Fall Service Check

  • Check Compressor Amperage
  • Check Condensor Motor Amps
  • Check Blower Motor Amps
  • Check low voltage parts
  • Clean evaporator
  • Add drain pan pressure
  • Check Freon Pressure

In Case of an Emergency

We prepare for the worst and expect the best. When the worst happens, we’re there for you. If you’re in need of service after our normal business hours, please contact our emergency line:
Phone: (910) 278-9669