Why Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air and How to Fix It

You crank up your home air conditioner on a warm day only to learn that it’s blowing out hot air. The AC not working the way it should is always frustrating. Why is this happening and what can be done to fix it?

Why Your A/C is Blowing Out Warm Air

Below are some of the most common reasons why an air conditioner might be blowing out warm air.

1. The unit is set to “heat”

It sounds plainly obvious, but it’s easy for it to happen and even easier to overlook. Particularly in the spring and fall when temperatures can fluctuate sharply, you might have the heat on for a chilly night but switch on the cooling setting during the day. So if your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, the first thing to check is the settings.

2. You have a refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is what absorbs the heat and humidity from the air and plays a key role in the conditioning of your air. If the refrigerant has begun to leak, there may not be an adequate amount left to keep your home cool.

Uncontained refrigerant is a health and saferty hazard and a leak should only be addressed by a licensed technician.

3. Your air filters are clogged

A dirty or clogged air filter can prevent treated air from passing through and into the home. This backlog of cold air can lead your evaporator coils to freeze up, which in turn releases only warm air back into your home.

Changing your air filters is quick, easy and recommended at least every 90 days.

4. Your condenser coils are dirty

Condensor coils remove heat from the air and channel it outside the home. But a buildup of dirt and debris can interrupt the transfer of heat and route it back into your home.

The condenser coils are located on your outside unit and should be cleaned regularly .

5. There’s a problem with your fan

If your indoor or outdoor fan is not working properly, it will facilitate poor airflow and the air coming out of your ducts will feel warmer than expected. Common fan problems include faulty motors, worn belts, lack of lubrication or a buildup of dirt and debris.

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