AC Maintenance: When To Change Your Air Filter

Like most people, you’ve probably noticed a blinking message or alert on your thermostat instructing you to change your air filter. Typically, you should change your air filters every three months. However, that timeline is fluid. You may need to change your air filter more often or less based on several factors.

The Factors That Affect an Air Filter

Owning one or more indoor pets, the climate you live in, the age and efficiency of your HVAC system, and different environmental factors in and outside your home all contribute to how often you should change your air filter.

Environmental pollutants, pollen, mold, the age of your home, and renovation work or construction in, outside, or nearby your home also affect the lifespan of your air filter. If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you may need to change your air filter more frequently to protect your health.

How an AC Technician Can Help

Regular system maintenance appointments can take the guesswork out of when you should change your air filter based on your health concerns, whether you own pets, and the environment in and surrounding your home. A technician can give you accurate advice about how often to change your filter after reviewing and analyzing your system and asking questions about your lifestyle and home.

AC Repair and Air Filters

Neglecting your air filters and never changing them will negatively impact your system’s operation and function. Plus, you will suffer from poor air quality in your home since your air filter can no longer filter dust, debris, and particles out of the air. A clogged air filter also causes the system to overwork and ultimately may lead to system failure, requiring that you replace or repair the system. If your energy bills are increasing for no apparent reason, your air filter may be to blame.

That clogged, dirty filter may be forcing your system to work harder than it should, and that extra work is showing up on your energy bills. However, the solution to all these issues is simple, and it begins with regular HVAC system maintenance, which includes evaluating and replacing air filters. To avoid significant repair costs, you must schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure that your filter is clean and performing its job.

If you don’t want to change your air filter on your own or aren’t sure where to begin, our experts can handle it for you. Whether you need maintenance or service, we will ensure that your system runs smoothly so you can maintain a comfortable home, regardless of the forecast. Contact us today at Mansfield Sales & Service to learn more about the services we offer.