Look at the discounts these people gave me. I had been ripped off by some guy named **** ***** for $668.00. He “worked” on my HVAC system, performed a “repair”, asked me to rewrite my check because he stated he couldn’t deposit it the way it was written for some reason, and when it still wasn’t cooling, never returned my phone calls.

Mansfield found the freon leak was indoors in the air handler. They could find no explanation for the work done already and said they would cheerfully testify against him in small claims court. I will be going to file tomorrow in Bolivia. In the meantime, tell everyone to avoid this individual on West Trace St. in Southport, NC. Obviously, I would recommend Mansfield Sales & Service, Inc. 5215 E. Oak Island Dr. Oak Island, NC 28465 without hesitation.

Martyn 3-31-15

Thank you so much for the good service. When you’re 630 miles away, it’s great to depend on good business people.

Jeri Drake 5-10-15

Thanks for taking care of our unit. We have not been able to get up to the island since October because of various medical and other problems. Not sure when we will be able to come. Thank you for the adjustment in my account. Did not even know there was a balance.

John Rumford

My wife and I own a condo at Oak Island Beach Villas in Caswell Beach, NC which we purchased in 2013.  During a visit in January 2015, I examined the outdoor heat pump unit and was concerned with its condition.  I called Margaret Rudd, the real estate agent who manages our unit, and learned that the HVAC system was 5 1/2 years old, and beyond warranty. It was a Goodman, which has not had good ratings from Consumer Reports. I did not want to face replacing the unit on an emergency basis in the middle of a hot summer day. So I asked 2 local vendors to quote replacing the entire HVAC system, which includes an indoor air handler.  I did this all by email.  I asked each vendor to quote a specific Trane unit.  Mansfield was $400 less than the competitor, and provided more detailed information about the air handler and the thermostat. They also suggested that I bring the air handler system up to current code.  I called the Caswell Beach building inspector and he confirmed the Mansfield solution was the way to go, even though he would not require it since it was a replacement. I awarded Mansfield the bid over the phone, and mailed a check to them for $2,000. Mansfield did the installation, including cutting a hole in the closet wall to install a new return vent. The inspection was completed on 02/18/2015.

Mansfield Sales & Repair did a great job!  All my text and email conversations were with Allen Isenhour of Mansfield. He quoted the bid, told me why the return needed to be changed, answered all my questions, and supervised the installation of the unit.  I cannot praise him enough (and I still have not met him).  Everything was done in a most professional manner to the point that I felt comfortable not being there to oversee the work.  Allen even sent me photos via text to show me the finished results. How is that for service? We did go down the next weekend to inspect. Everything was clean, the return vent was installed just as I had hoped and there was no damage to the wall.  However, l did feel that the fan speed was a little too high.  I called Mansfield on Monday morning while we were there and asked them to come over and adjust the fan speed before we were to leave at noon to go home.  Two technicians showed up within the hour, we consulted about it, they set the fan speed to the lowest setting.  The Trane unit is much quieter than the old Goodman, and with an SEER rating of 14, I am looking forward to lower energy bills. I especially like the auto-changeover thermostat that will automatically switch between heating and cooling if no one in in the condo and it gets too hot in there.  I unconditionally recommend Mansfield Sales and Repair for installation of a new HVAC system.

Charles Kappauf

Moved air handler from center of the ground floor room (600 sq ft area)and tucked it under staircase in a newly constructed maintenance closet, relocated the return duct and output ducts in same closet. Relocated line set above ceiling joists. Tucked all ducts going to individual rooms above the open ceiling joists which will now allow me to have nice flat ceilings unobstructed by ugly ductwork. We had to re-install a condensate pump above the ceiling joists to handle condensate from maintenance closet to outdoors. The line set also was tucked above the ceiling joints. The crew of two were friendly and worked efficiently. When bidding the work I had a lower quote at $750 and a higher quote at #2,100. I had a total of 7 companies that I called for quotes. Most were responsive, but I didn’t receive quotes from all of them. The higher of the three quotes was out of line and I could not get the lowest bidder to show up. I recommend any work desired in and around the shore that is not an emergency, be done during the off vacation season when everyone is looking for work to fill the void.

Gregory Hubbell

Coastal Vacation Resorts has been doing business with Mansfield Sales and Service for many years and find them to be prompt, courteous and efficient. We manage many rentals in the Brunswick County area and depend on the customer service that Matt and his team extend to us. Our company recommends Mansfield for their quality work and undeniable customer service.

Bill with Coastal Vacation Resorts

I completely recommend Mansfield Sales and Service for your HVAC needs. I have been using their services for several years now, and I have never been disappointed in either the quality of work or the costs.
Matt and his staff are dedicated and professional, and committed to setting you up with the best possible system for your home with a solid guarantee that protects you against future breakdowns. They also have an affordable maintenance service that ensures you will be able to turn on your AC at the beginning of the summer, or your heater at the beginning of winter without worry about whether it is operating at peak performance.

David Wallace Homebuilders, Oak Island, NC

We manage over 300 properties and having a broken A/C is simply not an option the families vacationing with us. As a result, we need a trustworthy and reliable vendor that can respond quickly and accurately to any heating or A/C issue. For decades we have relied on Mansfield Heating & Air to service our properties and keep our tenants cool and comfortable. Matt Mansfield and team are experts in their field and we highly recommend them for any of your HVAC needs.

Karen Brake
Property Manager
Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS