Springtime AC Maintenance Tips

Spring marks the beginning of all types of seasons: cookouts, camping, baseball, and the beach to name just a few. 

But spring also signals the start of AC season. And it’s important for homeowners to make sure their unit is in good working order before the high temperatures begin to set in. Below are five springtime AC maintenance and repair tips you can do to prepare your system to beat the heat.

Clear away debris

Leaves, twigs, pine straw, and other debris have a way of cluttering up outdoor HVAC units, especially during the fall and winter months. Clear yours off and prune back any trees or bushes that are invading its space to reduce the stress put on your system .

Replace the filter

Filters should be replaced every couple of months anyway, so go ahead and start spring with a fresh one. Dirty filters restrict airflow, and that leads to lower efficiency and increased bills. Plus, dirty filters are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. 

Clear the drainage hole

AC units typically have a drainage hole that must be kept clear in order for the system to work effectively. Locate your drainage hole, and make sure it’s clear of any buildup or debris. 

Inspect the ductwork

Around 20 to 30% of the air that moves about in a typical home is lost because of leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. You may need professional help to seal up ducts that are located within the walls, but any exposed ducts in garages, unfinished basements, attics, and crawl spaces can be sealed up with tape and insulation.  

Check for leaks around the house 

The performance of your AC is partly dependent on how well the air can remain trapped in your home. Conduct a walk through and inspect the weather stripping around the windows, door jambs, and other areas of the house where air can escape. 

Schedule a Spring Tuneup in Southport, NC

Perhaps the best springtime AC maintenance tip is to schedule a tuneup with a professional. Our spring service check includes checking and cleaning a number of key parts of your HVAC system to make sure you’re ready for the heat. Learn more about our service and repair, including our seasonal checkups and schedule your appointment today.