Troubleshooting Your HVAC Repair in Southport

The inner workings of an HVAC system are complex and typically require the help of a skilled professional when things go awry. But some of the most common HVAC issues don’t always require special training to troubleshoot. 

Below are five common HVAC issues and the troubleshooting ideas to go with them. 

Weakened Airflow

If it seems that your house is always too hot or too cold, you may have a problem with airflow. Sometimes a blocked or closed vent is to blame, but often it’s just a dirty air filter. Filters should be changed every 90 days, so start by swapping in a clean filter, and see if your airflow improves before calling a professional. 

Randomized Heating and Cooling

Sometimes an HVAC unit heats and cools in an inconsistent manner, and often the thermostat is to blame. Check to see that there is no build up of dust or corrosion on the thermostat battery and try changing the battery itself. Also, make sure that the circuit breaker connected to the unit hasn’t been tripped.

Water Buildup

HVAC systems have drain lines that carry condensation away from the unit. But sometimes  water can accumulate at the base of the unit due to cracks or clogs in the condensation line or an overflowing drain pan. Find your HVAC’s drain line, and inspect it for any damage or mold.

Increased Electricity Bills

If you’ve noticed your HVAC system has been working harder and your electricity bill has been higher as a result, you may have an inefficient unit. In addition to dirty or clogged air filters, the cause of inefficiency can also be an accumulation of dirt on the evaporator (inside) or condenser (outside) coils. Try cleaning your coils (in addition to changing the air filters) to see if efficiency improves. 

Failure to Power On

An HVAC that fails to turn on at all may feel like the worst case scenario. But often the culprit is as simple as a power cord that has been unplugged or damaged, a circuit breaker that has been tripped or a faulty wall outlet. Try checking these things before calling on a professional.  

Get Professional Help for Your HVAC in Southport, NC

If none of the above troubleshooting ideas solve the problem with your HVAC system, it’s probably time to call on an expert. At Mansfield Sales & Service, we offer a variety of service and repair options for any make or model of HVAC unit that even includes after hours emergency service. 

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