5 Advantages of Regular HVAC Checkups

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Maintenance is critical to the health and performance of your HVAC unit. But it’s not enough to simply attend to your system only when it’s experiencing problems. It’s important to be proactive and administer checkups and preventive maintenance to keep your unit running as it should. 

Below are five advantages of regular HVAC checkups. 

Why You Need to Inspect Your HVAC System Regularly

1. You can catch small problems before they turn into big ones.

Big problems with your HVAC unit typically start out as small ones. Regular checkups can help you detect failing parts during the early stages of wear and tear before they turn into bigger and more expensive issues further down the road. 

2. You’ll extend the life of your HVAC unit.

The longevity of an HVAC system depends largely on its exposure to malfunctioning parts, dirt, rust, and other things that slowly chip away at a unit’s lifespan. Outdoor units in coastal environments like Oak Island, NC, are especially prone to more corrosion. But regular HVAC checkups keep the system clean and running as it should, which in turn can extend the life of the unit and delay the expense of a replacement. 

3. It will run more efficiently. 

HVAC systems become less efficient as they age as they are forced to work harder to overcome their leaks, loose screws, dirt buildup and aging parts. By regularly checking up on your HVAC, you can bolster your system’s overall performance and keep it running like new. 

4. You’ll save money.

Regular HVAC checkups allow you to make small repairs now in lieu of expensive replacements in the future. You’ll improve the system’s efficiency which in turn keeps your electric bill in check. And regular tuneups can squeeze some extra years out of your system, giving you more time to save up for a new one at a later day. 

5. You’ll live more comfortably. 

Regular checkups help improve the performance of your HVAC, which means you’ll have an easier time keeping your home at the desired temperature and living more comfortably. 

Have Your HVAC Checked Today

Spring and fall are great times to conduct an HVAC checkup as the weather experiences a transition. We offer spring and fall HVAC checkups to clean and check a variety of key components and prepare your system for the temperatures ahead.

Contact Mansfield Sales & Service today to schedule your HVAC checkup and reap the many benefits of regular maintenance.